Philosophy One (10/9)

First SemesterSecond Semester
Dagbanli I
Latin I
French I
Music I
Introduction to Study methods
Introduction to Liturgy
Introduction to psychology
Introduction to philosophy
Traditional logic English Grammar
Dagbanli II
Latin II
French II
Music II
Introduction to Spirituality
Philosophical Anthropology
Ancient Philosophy
Symbolic Logic

Philosophy Two (9/9)

First semesterSecond semester
Medieval Philosophy
Academic Writing
Numeracy Skills
Critical Thinking and practical Reasoning
Philosophy of Nature and Science
Social and Political philosophy
Greek I
Liturgy: Fundamental elements (with Particular emphasis on the Mass)
Introduction to the Study of Religions
Christian Message
Social Anthropology
Introduction to African Studies
Philosophy of Rationalism
Research Methods
Greek II

Philosophy Three (8/7)

Firs SemesterSecond Semester
Introduction to Old Testament
Science and Technology in our Lives
Academic Writing
Basic Concepts in Sociology
Philosophy of Empiricism
Hebrew I
Liturgy: Liturgy of the Hours  
Introduction to New Testament
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophical Ethics
Social Structure of Modern Ghana
African Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Hebrew II

*NB: P.II & III will combine for Liturgy (fundamental elements) only for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

Theology One (10/11)

First semesterSecond semester
NT Studies: the Synoptic Gospels I
OT Studies: Pentateuch I
Fundamental Theology
Introduction to Moral Theology*
Church History: The First Six Centuries
Ascetics: Major Traditions and Schools of Spirituality
Canon Law: Introduction and General Norms
Inter-Religious Dialogue
NT Studies: The Synoptic Gospels II
OT Studies: Pentateuch II
Dogma: Christology
Moral Theology: Theological Virtues*
Church History: The First Six Ecumenical Councils
Introduction to Sacramental Theology
Liturgy: The Liturgical Year
Canon Law: Introduction and General Norms
Natural Theology

Theology two (10/11)

First semesterSecond semester
NT Studies: Lucan Infancy Narratives
OT Studies: Prophets I*
Church History: The Church in the Early Middle Ages
Dogma: God and Trinity
Moral Theology: Sexual Ethics
Sacraments: Sacraments of Initiation
Canon Law: The People of God
Ascetics: Foundations of Christian Spirituality
NT Studies: Luke-Acts
OT Studies: Prophets II
*Church History: Reformation and Restoration
Dogma: Ecclesiology and Ecumenism
Moral Theology: The Social Teachings of the Church
Sacraments: Eucharist
Liturgy: Inculturation and Contemporary Challenges
African Hermeneutics
Canon Law: The Hierarchical Constitution of the Church

Theology Three (10/11)

First semesterSecond semester
*NT Studies: Paul and his Letters I
OT Studies: Wisdom Literature I (Job)
Ascetics: Contemporary Spirituality I
*Church History: Modern and Contemporary Church and 19th Century
Dogma: Grace and Justification
Moral Theology: Contemporary Moral and Ethical Issues
Sacraments: Reconciliation
Canon Law: The Teaching Office of the Church
Sign Language
*NT Studies: Paul and his Letters II: New Perspectives of St. Paul (NPP)
OT Studies: Wisdom Literature II (Psalms)
Ascetics: Contemporary Spirituality II
*Church History: African Church History
Dogma: Protology and Eschatology
Moral Theology: Child Protection Program (CPP)
Liturgy: Essential Elements and Liturgical
Biblical Apostolate
Sacraments: Sacrament of the Sick
Canon Law: Penal Sanctions in the Church
Sign Language

*NB: NT Studies as indicated for theology three would not apply in this Academic Year, i.e. 2020/2021. The NT Courses as arranged in the above will take full effect in the ensuing Academic Years.

* Church History will not follow the pattern of arrangement as on the table above. Due to the vast nature of the course with only one lecturer, it will still follow the cycle system for theology one to three as indicated below:

CourseSemesterAcademic Year
Modern and Contemporary Church HistoryFirst semester2020/2021; 2023/2024
African Church HistorySecond semester2020/2021; 2023/2024
First Six CenturiesFirst semester2021/2022; 2024/2025
First Six CouncilsSecond semester2021/2022; 2024/2025
Medieval Church HistoryFirst semester2022/2023; 2025/2026
Reformation and RestorationSecond semester2022/2023; 2025/2026

Theology Four (10/8)

First semesterSecond semester
Pastoral Theology
Pastoral Counselling
OT Apocalyptic Literature (Daniel)
Sacraments: Marriage
Ascetics (Spiritual Direction)
NT Studies: Johannine Literature I
Pastoral Communication
Canon Law: Canonical Marriage
Liturgy: Practicum
Development Planning and Management
NT Apocalyptic Literature (Revelation)
Sacraments: Holy Orders
NT Studies: Johannine Literature II
Canon Law: Sacrament of Reconciliation and Sacramental Seal
Liturgy: Practicum