Brief History of the University

The Pontifical Urbaniana University is an academic institution belonging to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The University provides for research and teaching within the framework of the Holy See’s educational system regulated by the Congregation for Catholic Education. 

The origins of the Urbaniana date back to 1st August 1627, when Pope Urban Urban VIII decided to establish the Urban College with the Bull Immortalis Dei Filius, which was the very first educational institution within the Congregation De Propaganda Fide.

The Institute was granted the faculty to confer the Bachelor degree by the Studium Urbis itself, at present the University La Sapienza.

The Pontifical Urbaniana University was endowed with the title “Pontifical” with the Motu Proprio “Fidei Propagandae” of Blessed Pope John XXIII, on 1st October 1962, a few days before the beginning of the Second Vatican Council.

That is why the University has kept close links with and followed the institutional objectives of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples whose Cardinal Prefect is the Grand Chancellor of the University, the Supreme academic authority of the University.

Affiliation with St. Victor’s Major Seminary

St. Victor’s Major Seminary was affiliated to undertake the B.A in Theology Examinations with the Pontifical Urbaniana University in 2005. This examination is done in the Fourth Year of Theology. It  consist of comprehensive written and oral examinations in the field of Theology taken from a list of Thesis (Tesario) sent from the Pontifical Urbaniana University as well as the student’s accumulative marks for the whole of his Theological studies.


St. Victor’s Major Seminary has, since 1975, enjoyed a special relationship with the University of Ghana, Legon, which enables the seminary to present some of its capable students for a Diploma in Theology and later in 1985, a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Religions with Philosophy. This has positively added value to their persons and impacted greatly on their ministry in Ghana and beyond.

In recent years, the mentoring role of the University has become even more pronounced. Since the official signing of the affiliation document in 2018 between St. Victor’s and the University, their role in helping us live up to expectation with the demands of the University is even now more visible than before. Their suggestions and recommendations have brought tremendous improvement in the quality of our teaching and examination assessments. We will endeavor to uphold the tenets of this affiliation and abide by all the rules of the affiliation in as long as these are not inimical to our own formation structure.